PILDAT launches PakistanFact – a fact-checking initiative

July 19; A vibrant democracy thrives on reliable access to facts, which is why PILDAT has launched PakistanFact, a fact-checking initiative to determine the accuracy of claims made by and about democratic governance in Pakistan.

Powered by PILDAT, PakistanFact aims to check claims by elected officials, candidates, leaders of political parties and political activists, advocacy groups, journalists and experts on and relating to issues of democratic governance in Pakistan.

The idea behind PakistanFact has been incubated by the Pakistan International Student’s Alliance (PISA), a student-run organisation that aims to provide a platform for Pakistani students to express their concerns and mobilise themselves on pressing social, economic and political issues concerning Pakistan. PILDAT sincerely thanks PISA in developing the idea behind PakistanFact, which, as a project, is now housed and run by PILDAT in keeping with our core objective of strengthening democracy and democratic governance in Pakistan.

As a project of an independent think tank, PILDAT, PakistanFact is launched to create a constructive space for Pakistani citizens to find accurate depictions of political statements and claims, while urging those in positions of influence to invest more effort into researching their claims and statements before making those public. In sum, we hope to move towards some shared reality, where productive discourse on Pakistan’s issues is possible. The programme aims at enabling citizen access to information that is crucial for a well-functioning democracy.

While PILDAT team is managing PakistanFact, it is assisted, in the beginning, by a dynamic group of volunteers provided by PISA and who are currently studying at the LUMS. Together, our team of researchers looks at statements, transcripts, speeches, news stories and press releases for fact-checking purposes daily. PakistanFact will use on-the-record information and will publish a list of sources with every fact-check. Verdicts on different matters will be shared publicly on the PakistanFact Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, as well as the official PILDAT website. As with every PILDAT research initiative, our team will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of every fact check, however any error or omission, if it occurs, will not be deliberate and will be publicly corrected as early as possible.

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Instagram: @Pakfact


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