National Internal Security Policy

An Analysis


Publication No: CMR-095

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Pakistan has unveiled its first ever National Internal Security Policy (NISP) after 67 years of its existence. The NISP was presented in the National Assembly on February 26, 2014 after the approval of Federal Cabinet. Being the first-ever policy of its kind in the country, the NISP is worth analysing at all relevant forums in the country. Some have called this a game changer and others are describing it as a first by showcasing a clear civilian perspective on a turf traditionally dominated by the security establishment. The NISP is also termed as bold in its diagnosis in policy articulation. The discussion paper National Internal Security Policy: an Analysis attempts to provide a detailed analysis of the Policy. The Discussion Paper is commissioned by PILDAT and is authored by Mr. Saleem Safi, Prominent Journalist and Analyst. The paper is an attempt to provide a critical analysis of the NISP for the benefit of Parliamentarians, who have to engage not just in policy analysis but find effective means to oversee the implementation of the policy both in the short and the long-term.