Police, Politics, and the People of Pakistan

Citizens’ Periodic Reports on the Performance of State Institutions


Publication No: GOV-019

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Under the, ‘Democracy and Governance Programme’ PILDAT has initiated to publish a series of, Citizens’ Periodic Reports on the Performance of State Institutions. Within this project, PILDAT has undertaken an assessment of the Police in Pakistan, which is the premier law enforcement agency tasked with maintaining peace, stability, and order in the country. The performance of the institution of Police has become questionable over the years as a result of the prolonged inefficiency and lack of any meaningful and substantial reforms. PILDAT has conducted a detailed performance evaluation of the institution in order to study the challenges faced by the Police at the Federal and the Provincial levels, and ways by which it can improve. ‘Police, Politics, and the People of Pakistan’ has been authored by Mr. Tariq Khosa, a very well respected and experienced former Police Officer. Mr. Khosa discussed the evolution of the Police in Pakistan, the fundamental problems that prevent the institution from performing, and most importantly, the status and future of the Police Order 2002. This report aims to promote an objective assessment of the performance of Police in Pakistan, the best practices, and a way forward for the Federal and Provincial Governments. It is hoped that policymakers, Government officials, and politicians may benefit from the perspectives, ideas and suggested reforms of this report, which would further improve the performance of the Police.