Pakistan Mein Ghurbat-o-Aflas Mein Kami Karnay ki Hikmat-e-Amali Ki Dastaweez [Urdu]

Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper - Briefing Session for Parliamentarians


Publication No: GOV-001

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PILDAT held a Briefing Session for parliamentarians on the topic of “Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper” on June 23, 2003. The briefing was arranged to raise the awareness of legislators about the PRSP process, and to give them relevant information so they can contribute more significantly in its development and monitoring. The main objective of the session was to enable parliamentarians to review the PRSP with the aim of ensuring that it represents the interests of their constituents. These proceedings contain the speeches, presentations and papers presented at the briefing session, as well as transcripts of the Q&A sessions among the speakers and participants.