Assessment of the Performance of the Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination 2014-2015


Publication No: MIPC-2014

Rs 3,000  

Under our overall focus on Assessment of the Quality of Governance in Pakistan, PILDAT assesses the performance of selected State institutions from time to time in order to provide the citizens with information on their role and working. The Assessment of the Performance of the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination: 2014–2015 is the second paper of its kind focusing on a Ministry’s role, functions and performance.

Mr. Muhammad Ejaz Chaudhry, former Secretary at the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination, authored this paper based on an assessment framework prepared by PILDAT. The paper looks at the role and functions of the Ministry, its budgetary allocation set against targets, and comments on performance including transparency and governance. The data used in this paper was predominantly acquired directly from the Ministry.

PILDAT’s initiative to assess the performance of the Ministries is designed as an effort to highlight areas of strengths and potential areas requiring improvement in the performance of Ministries based on the set goals and targets. The objective of this exercise is to facilitate citizens in making an informed judgement about the performance of public institutions and engage with them on required reform.