PILDAT deplores arbitrary removal of NADRA Chief; asks for Constitutional Cover for NADRA Chief slot; demands thumb verification in 10% constituencies country-wide for Poll sanctity


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December 4; Deploring the arbitrary removal of the NADRA Chief by the Government, PILDAT has demanded that since NADRA is now an integral part of the electoral process in Pakistan, the slot of Chairperson of NADRA must be provided with a Constitutional cover same as that enjoyed by the ECP.

PILDAT, which has been actively working in the area of electoral reforms in Pakistan, also demanded that now, regardless of electoral complaints and the process of election tribunals, the ECP, together with NADRA, must carry out a thumb verification across the country for 10% of all Constituencies. In order to maintain sanctity of the polls, a random thumb verification exercise is critical, demanded PILDAT.

“If media reports are true that Chairman NADRA was removed by the Government due to NADRA’s perseverance in verifying thumb impressions in constituencies belonging to the PML-N, the PML-N Government is displaying signs of high handedness and a disregard for rule of law which is condemnable,” PILDAT statement said. “Pakistan requires a Government that upholds rule of law equally for all, the very pledges based on which PML-N was able to represent the people in formation of its Government,” the statement added.

PILDAT also lauded the role of the Judiciary in immediate reinstatement of the NADRA Chief.