Efforts to resolve the political crisis through administrative measures alone will further deepen the crisis and threaten democratic order

PILDAT Democracy Monitor Issue 1


Publication No: AD-021

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The media reports indicate that the Federal Government headed by President Asif Ali Zardari and the four provincial governments, which are either controlled exclusively (like in Punjab and Balochistan), dominated (Like in Sindh) or co-ruled under a coalition (Like in the North West Frontier Province) by Mr. Zardari’s Pakistan Peoples Party, have decided to confront the planned protest by the lawyers, opposition political parties and a major section of the civil society through police action, pre-emptive arrests, imposition of laws that seriously constrain the fundamental civic liberties and, in short, by coercion. This appears to be a recipe for destruction of the fragile democratic order and ushering in an era of accute instability that may lead to military intervention once again even before the first year of the new democratic government is completed.