Assessment of the Quality of Democracy in Pakistan

Year 2012


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Publication No: AD-035

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What is the quality of democracy in Pakistan at the end of 2012, especially looked at in the context of near-completion of 5 years of the 13th National Assembly and the Federal and Provincial Governments, voted to power in early 2008. Has democracy strengthened? Has it performed ‘for the people’ in this period? The Assessment of the Quality of Democracy in Pakistan Report attempts to answer these questions in the light of developments during the period and the views and analyses of these developments by PILDAT’s Democracy Assessment Group – DAG. Unlike the previous 2 reports published by PILDAT at the mid-term of this Parliament and Government in September 2010 and later as annual assessment of year 2011, this report has been prepared using a Pakistan-specific framework of the assessment of democracy, developed indigenously by PILDAT in addition to the international framework developed by International IIDEA. It is worth mentioning here that the assessment and scoring presented and analysed in this report is that of a select group of Pakistanis. It provides one way to look at the quality of democracy, a method used in other countries as well. However, this report does not claim that views by PILDAT’s Democracy Assessment Group necessarily reflect the views of the public at large.