PILDAT Annual Report 2017-2018

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In the year leading up to Pakistan’s 11th General Election and elected Governments, National and Provincial Assemblies elected in 2013 completing their Constitutional terms, PILDAT endeavours during the year focused on analysing and recommending – to the Government, Political Parties, Parliament and all other stakeholders – the state of our democracy, governance, our electoral preparedness, increasing engagement with youth and how communities can utilise the legal regime available to them to ascertain their rights and responsibilities in improving democratic governance in Pakistan.

During this year, covered in this PILDAT Annual Report 2017-2018 from July 01, 2017 to June 30, 2018, PILDAT has taken key strides towards achieving our objectives by continuing with some existing strategies and combining those with newer initiatives. While more detailed overview of our work is given in following pages, I am glad to share some of PILDAT’s work during this year:

  1. PILDAT carried out Assessment of the Quality of Democracy 2017 to capture the strengths and weaknesses in the system of democracy during the year
  2. A firm believer in democratic governance, PILDAT has worked tirelessly on the promotion of Democratic Civil-Military Relations. Over the course of the year, PILDAT has published monthly monitors on Civil-Military Relations, remaining a voice for a constitutional equation in civil-military relations, and carried out an analysis on Future of Democracy and Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan at the end of 2017
  3. In its work on Political Parties, PILDAT engaged with political parties and provided support in developing and articulating party policies on key areas of democratic governance in Pakistan by focusing on four inter-related areas: Elections, Parliament, Political Parties and Democratic Space
  4. In the year leading to Pakistan’s 11th General Election, PILDAT continued to monitor the process leading up to General Election and compiled and released a Score Card on Perception of Pre-Poll Fairness 2018 based on systematic and continuous review of the Pre-poll electoral process
  5. Ahead of the General Election in 2018, PILDAT brought together Youth and Political Parties to engage with each other through a comprehensive dialogue and robust discussion on how political parties could shape their 2018 election manifestos to reflect youth’s priorities and aspirations
  6. Focussing on promoting the legislation and effective utilization of effective Right to Information (RTI) laws across Pakistan, PILDAT organised various trainings and briefing sessions on the effective use of Punjab RTI Law to create awareness in South Punjab for Public Information Officers, Civil Society, Media, Local Government representatives and Women & Minorities

These initiatives and other modest contributions of PILDAT this year in strengthening democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan are being shared with you through this report. PILDAT team is committed in effective implementation of our mission for strengthening democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan.

We place a high emphasis on learning lessons from all aspects of our work to help us to develop stronger and more effective programmes. We also value your opinion and support, and look forward to receiving your thoughts or feedback.