PILDAT Annual Report 2016-2017

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In 2017, PILDAT has turned 15! Though still a young organisation, PILDAT has chartered its course and achieved many milestones towards its mission of strengthening democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan.

In our fifteenth year, covered in this PILDAT Annual Report 2016-2017 from July 01, 2016 to June 30, 2017, PILDAT has taken key strides towards achieving our objectives by continuing with some existing strategies and combining those with newer initiatives. During this year, we have initiated the first-ever citizen’s Assessment of the Implementation of National Action Plan. We have launched the Youth Provincial Assembly Punjab, prepared and published a Score Card on Performance of Legislators and run specific courses for key political parties on Political Parties and Public Policies instituting parties’ internal think tanks on public policies.

While more detailed overview of our work is given in following pages, I am glad to share some of PILDAT’s key achievements and firsts in our endeavours this year:

  1. PILDAT carried out Assessment of the Quality of Democracy based on public opinion polls, and expert analysis, in order to promote and assess democratic values and culture.
  2. The PILDAT Assessment of the Quality of Governance Score Cards were published providing comparative analyses of Provincial governance as well as Federal governance.
  3. A firm believer in democratic governance, PILDAT has worked tirelessly on the promotion of Democratic Civil-Military Relations. Over the course of the year, PILDAT has published monthly monitors on Civil-Military Relations, remaining a voice for a constitutional equation in civil-military relations.
  4. 7 Pakistan-India Legislators and Public Officials Dialogues on Sharing of Experiences on Governance and Democracy were facilitated by PILDAT.
  5. The 8th Youth Parliament Pakistan was facilitated to train youth for leadership roles.

These initiatives and other modest contributions of PILDAT this year in strengthening democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan are being shared with you through this report. PILDAT team is committed in effective implementation of our mission for strengthening democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan.

We place a high emphasis on learning lessons from all aspects of our work to help us to develop stronger and more effective programmes. We also value your opinion and support, and look forward to receiving your thoughts or feedback.