PILDAT Annual Report 2015-2016

Download Annual Report 2015-2016

After successfully completing our objectives for this year and the laudable efforts put by the PILDAT team in achieving the results through their hard work and dedication, I am pleased to share PILDAT Annual Report 2015-2016 covering the period from July 01, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

While we have continued to pursue our flagship initiatives on assessing quality of democracy, we are excited to share new initiatives undertaken by us during the year. In addition to continuing our focus on issues related to strengthening democracy, governance and public policy, this year we initiated a nation wide struggle to strengthen the Rule of Law in Pakistan, specifically aimed at reforming the Police, Prosecution Service and Free Legal Aid System by initiating system and policy advocacy. Considering the worsening Rule of Law situation in Pakistan, PILDAT started identifying and advocating the passage of legal and systemic reforms for a better and improved capacity and responsiveness of state institutions to better respond to citizens’ rights through improved Rule of Law. PILDAT also worked rigorously on effective implementation of Right to Information Act in Pakistan.

These initiatives and other modest contributions of PILDAT this year in strengthening democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan are being shared with you through this report. PILDAT management and staff are committed in effective implementation of our mission for strengthening democracy and democratic institutions in Pakistan. We are focused on instituting non-partisan monitoring framework for the elected representatives and legislatures while facilitating greater participation of all segments of the society in the democratic process and development of new political leadership.

We place a high emphasis on learning lessons from all aspects of our work to help us to develop stronger and more effective programmes. We also value your opinion and support, and look forward to receiving your thoughts or feedback.