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> Role of Finance Committee Crucial in Pre-Budget Consultation: Pakistani MPs interact with Finance Committee, Canada
   Pakistan Parliamentary Delegation Study Visit to Canada on Parliament and Budgetary Accountability: May 10-17, 2009
Canada Study Trip
May 12, 2009


Ottawa, May 12: The role of finance committee of the House of Commons, Canada is crucial in the Canadian context in terms of pre-budget consultation which the committee conducts throughout different regions of Canada from September – December each year. The Chair and Members of the Canadian Standing Committee on Finance interacted with the visiting Parliamentary delegation from Pakistan today.


The Pakistani Parliamentary Delegation's Study Visit to Canada on Parliament and Budgetary Accountability is implemented jointly by the Parliamentary Centre, Canada and PILDAT. The Pakistan delegation is lead by Syed Naveed Qamar, MNA; Federal Minister for Privatisation (NA-222 Hyderabad V, Sindh, PPPP) and includes Mr. Asif M. Khawaja, MNA, Member, National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance & Revenue (NA-110, Sialkot-I, Punjab, PML-N); Mr. Riaz Khan Fatyana, MNA, Member, National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance & Revenue (NA-94, Toba Tek Singh-II, Punjab, PML); Mr. Abdul Rashid Godil, MNA, Member, National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance (NA-252, Karachi-XIV, Sindh, MQM); Mr. Muhammad Mushtaq, Deputy Secretary Legislation, National Assembly of Pakistan; Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, Executive Director, PILDAT and Ms. Aasiya Riaz, Joint Director, PILDAT.


The Finance Committee Chair Mr. James Rajotte was joined by members of the Finance Committee including Mr. Jean Yves Laforest, Vice Chair of the committee and Mr. Robert Carrier, Mr. Bob Dechart, Mr. Mike Wallace, Mr. John McKay, Mr. John McCallum and Mr. Thomas Mulcair.


In another meeting of the day, the delegation was invited to be part of in-camera meeting of the Standing Committee on National Defence, House of Commons, Canada. Apart from discussing details of the role of the Defence Committee especially in reviewing budget proposals of the ministry, a lively discussion was also held on Pakistan’s role in fighting extremism and Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, etc. The Chairman Defence Committee Mr. Maxime Bernier welcomed the Pakistan delegation alongside Mr. Bryon Wilfert, Vice Chair Defence Committee and members including Mr. Denis Coderre, Mr. Laurie Hawn, Mr. Ray Boughen, Mr. Steven Blaney, Mr. Claude Bachand, Mr. Jack Harris, Mr. Lavar Payne and Mr. Pascal-Pierre Paille.


The High Commission of Pakistan H.E. Mr. Akbar Zeb hosted a dinner in the honour of the Pakistan delegation at the Chateau Laurier, Ottawa.


The Study Tour from May 10-17, 2009 is organised so that the key members of Pakistan's Parliament and National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance can interact with their counterparts in the Canadian Parliament and learn about the ways and means through which the Canadian Parliament and its committees exercise their control over the purse strings.





Pak Delegation with Finance Committee


Pak Delegation with Defence Committee