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> How Can Professioanals Be More Effective Players in National Affairs?
Consultative Session
May 14, 2002
Hotel Marriott, Islamabad


"How Can Professionals be More Effective Players in National Affairs?" was the subject for the consultative session held on Monday, May 15, 2002 at 10:00 am at Kohinoor Hall, Hotel Marriott Islamabad. The purpose of this consultative session was to allow professional bodies to share their respective viewpoint regarding to Enhance Professionals' Role in the National Affairs and to Build Professionals' Capacity. The representatives of various professional bodies resident in and around Islamabad spoke on the question of effective involvement of professionals in democratic decision-making in the country. Leadership of major bodies of technocrats like Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Town planners, Scientists, and Bankers attended the roundtable to discuss the subject from the following organizations:


1. Institution of Engineers Pakistan-IEP 2. Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners-PCATP 3. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council-PMDC 4. Pakistan Medical Association-PMA 5. Institute of Architects Pakistan-IAP 6. Pakistan Engineering Congress-PEC 7. Pakistan Engineering Forum-PEF 8. Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Pakistan-IEEE 9. Pakistan Pharmacy Council-PPA 10. Pakistan Nursing Council-PNC 11. Pakistan Bar Council 12. Supreme Court Bar Association 13. Rawalpindi High Court Bar Association 14. Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council-PVMC 15. Wafaq-e-Atibba Pakistan 16. Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors-CPNE 17. Pakistan Academy of Sciences 18. Committee on Scientific & Technological Cooperation-COMSTECH


The consultative session was a part of the PILDAT programme to promote the involvement of professional organsiations in the political and legislative process in the country with the broader objective of establishing a more sustainable democracy and strengthening democratic institution in Pakistan.


Speakers were asked to answer questions relating to the current state of influence and participation of professionals in the decision making process of the county. Suggestion were also invited to enhance the role of professional organisations in national affairs as well as to build the capacity of the professional organisations to play an effective role in national decision making.


One important suggestion was to improve communication skills. Professionals should be rational and balanced. One more important suggestion was Professional bodies and the people who are going to work for lobbing should know how Government operates. A very relevant and practical suggestion was Summaries should contain the phrase that professional have been consulted.


It was generally agreed that the professional bodies need to be more vocal & aggressive in professional matters. A very good example was quoted that a facility which was to be constructed in Islamabad as per the master plan was changes at the whims of one person. Now if that happens should professional bodies take it like down. It definitely comes within the preview of the professional bodies, Architecture, Town planning, Engineering. They should get up, standup and be counted.


Another suggestion was to Increase relationship between Executives & Professionals by confidence building measures and continue interaction. The professionals should propose shadow drafts for Government. The professional bodies should really look at their own selves and critically examine had they done the ground work.


A point was made by PMDC that when they want to stop a questionable standard medical institutions form going ahead and establishing, they did that. Government did not stop them. Negative points of our systems didn't come in the way of their action. And similar thing happen in Pakistan Engineering Council.


PMA said that Professional bodies must interact with political parties to enhance the role. By a dialogue on not partisan basis with political parties, We can influence the policy which they are going to implement tomorrow.